Hmmm, what do I say now?

Some call me The Renaissance Man, but I guess that's not enough.


Well, I was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, got my PhD in biotechnology and MBA in business economy there as well - and spent 25 years as an executive in international biotech companies.


Moved to Florida in 1987 on a 2-year contract . . . and stayed for 26 years before we moved to Phoenix/Arizona in 2013.


As a freelance journalist I wrote hundreds of articles about business, social issues and technology for Danish an American papers and magazines. For a number of years, I appeared regularly in radio and TV  based on my books, articles, and speeches. As we go into 2021, I have written 8 books and a couple more are underway.

Oh, yes . . . I served as a Goodwill Ambassador for Copenhagen/Denmark for 16 years and as president of the Danish-American Chamber of Commerce in Arizona for two years.

I guess that's it  . . .