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Three robbers enter a bank in the middle of the day. Twenty-nine employees and customers are taken hostages as the robbers negotiate with the police surrounding the bank. When the police make a surprise raid on the bank after 7 hours, there are no signs of the robbers, nothing had been stolen, and the hostages were safe and unharmed. The bank was never robbed - or so it appeared. In the weeks and months that follow, layers of a convoluted robbery plan are revealed, and the police make a series of startling discoveries that prove nothing indeed was what it appeared to be. With the help from the most unlikely and unexpected source, this drama comes to a surprising conclusion.

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A high-profile, young woman is murdered. Despite evidence from eyewitnesses, DNA tests, and the retrieval of the murder weapon, the police is without a lead in the case for most of a year - until a completely unexpected observation is made.
That starts an accelerating cat-and-mouse game that takes place in both the real world and in the digital world, and it culminates when the murderer is trapped in a digital cobweb.

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SNIPS follows the tumultuous life and career of a top-of-the-world scientist  from his youth to the pinnacle of his career, when Christopher makes a discovery that reignites the age-old conflict between religion and science. When Christopher is forced to make a gut-wrenching decision about his right to interpret his results as he sees them, it sends his career into a tailspin.
Christopher eventually bounces back in ways that surprises even himself. He is thrilled and uplifted when his daughter, Megan, a stellar scientist herself, opens the door to a collaboration, but fate interferes before it even begins.

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Facts blend with fiction, as the author takes the reader on an educational, profound, and often humorous journey into the minds of the greatest men of all time.
The reader feels like he/she is sitting in on discussions  between Mahavira, Confucius, Buddha , Jesus, and Mohammad and hears what they say to each other on subjects that are as relevant today as ever before - and how much they agree on. The discussions are moderated by a 21st Century young woman.

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A businessman is captured. A month goes by without a lead. Emily pieces together information about the kidnappers based on a series of cat-and-mouse radio connections. When she finally identifies where the kidnapper group is, she uses herself as a bait in a life-and-death gamble to nab the kidnappers. The story shows Emily's personal development as she faces new challenges.

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When a close friend of the family is killed, Emily - who has a summer job at the police station where her father is the lead detective - stumbles over information that raises her suspicion about the killer. Despite discouragement by her father, Emily doggedly pursues clues that eventually lead to identifying the murderer. Emily puts herself in danger as she traps the killer, thus delivering the final proof for the police to take over.

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