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Working together

Briefly, these are the main principles of how we work together:


* Our main principle is:

YOU are always in the driver's seat. You have the right to accept or decline any engagement/gig Kaizen brings to you.

* You will supply Kaizen with some basic/standard information about yourself . You will specify (by a questionnaire form) your preferences and limits (if any) in regards to the type of engagements/gigs you will accept.

* Our agreement is non-exclusive: You can work with any agent of your choice, and we can work with any model/talent of our choice.

As a courtesy to Kaizen, you keep us informed about whom you work with and about if/when you might decide not to continue to work in this field or with Kaizen.

* Our agreement is global (not limited to the area where we a currently located).


* You as well as Kaizen can at any time decide to discontinue working together; however, as a courtesy to Kaizen, it is expected that we work together for a minimum of 12 months.


* ALL initial communication between you and a potential client goes through Kaizen (that protects you from unwanted communication). Only you can decide if and when you want the communication to go directly to you.

* We do not charge you for any of our services. We get paid a 20% commission of the value of the engagements/gigs Kaizen brings to you, and only when you get paid!

* You have the final say in accepting or declining the price of an engagements/ gig.

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