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Welcome to Torben's Bookshelf.

The books listed below are now available from Amazon as eBooks/Kindle Books and as Paperback copies. 

Click on the links for  BUY eBOOK  or  BUY PAPERBACK. You will be directed to where you can complete the transaction.

You can also order a copy at your favorite bookstore. Give them the book title or ISBN number, and you can pick up the copy within a few days. If you want a digital manuscript (not a bound book) or a signed book directly from the author, go to CONTACT and make your request.

J U S T   R E L E A S E D  .  .  .


 . . follows the tumultuous life of Christopher Dunmore from his youth to his rise as the world’s most visible scientist. Brilliant, charming, and handsome, Christopher wins many friends and admirers but his hard-nosed and sometimes obnoxious ways when he faces obstacles earn him equally many enemies.

     At the pinnacle of his career, Christopher makes a discovery that ignites the age-old conflict between science and religion. It shakes not only himself but his family, colleagues, the media, and most of all his benefactors . . . and his career goes into a tailspin.

     Christopher is forced to make a gut wrenching choice between recanting his findings and saving his career and personal life or stick to his discovery - and lose it all.

     After a time alone and bitter, Christopher bounces back in ways that surprises even himself. He is thrilled when his youngest daughter, herself now a top scientist, announces her visit. 

     Before a budding collaboration between father and daughter even starts, fate interferes in a heartbreaking yet uplifting way.

Available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and India

ISBN: 9781093530483

SNIPS . . .                  


“World class writing.”    T. Hoyen, Karlsruhe, Germany

"It would be a riveting movie!" V. Monet, Los Angeles, California

“Sinclair Lewis’s Arrowsmith comes to mind. It's that good!”   H. Duncan, Miami, Florida

"Thank you! It was a very poignant story. There were revealing microcosms of the American culture we live in where the divide between science and belief seems nearly too wide to bridge. I enjoyed SNIPS thoroughly!"  J. Halalis, Phoenix, AZ

"Issues like class divides, religion and science, roles between men and women, and sexuality, make SNIPS a portrait of not just a scientist but of a man and a whole generation. Awesome!"  L. Mott, Aarhus, Denmark

Conversations Across Millennia

​     In a time when intolerance and populism is gaining a foothold in many societies and we focus more and more on the differences between people rather than all the things we have in common, a debate about our values, customs, and culture is critical. In fact, learning about and appreciating the diversity among people is, as emphasized in this book, a condition for tolerance, which is the foundation of healthy societies.
   Facts blends with fiction in this audacious journey into the minds of five of the world’s greatest thinkers as the reader embarks on a tour of the ideas that are as relevant today as ever. Their discussions are prompted by a young woman.

Available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and India

FRONT ConAcrMil.png

The Eyes of The Sphinx    -   Second Edition

     What would Mohammad and Jesus have said to one another if​ they had ever met? Or Jesus and Buddha? Or Confucius and Mahavira?

     To what extent would they had agreed on issues like death, after life, immortality and eternity, creation, and the Free Spirit? Would thay have discovered that there were more similarities between their individual philosophies than there are differences? Would they have modified their views if challenged by the others?

     Facts blends with fiction in this audacious journey into the minds of five of the world's greatest thinkers. The reader feels like sitting in on these profound, educational, and often humorous discussions.

     Set in the majestic Monte Cassino monestary in modern Italy, a woman acts as a catalyst for these discussions - which are as relevant today as ever.

Available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and India

PLEASE visit:

Ordinary People - Extraordinary Experiences   Second Edition

Excerpt from the introduction: 

     "In a time dominated by scientific discoveries and a deeper and deeper understanding of nature, from the sub-atomic level to the cosmos, the realm of the consciousness is one of the last – and least understood – frontiers. As we are enjoying the fruits of astonishing technological inventions in the last decades, we have become so attuned to the idea that science can explain everything. In turn we tend to think that phenomena which cannot be explained by science or through common sense, simply are not real. 

     Our consciousness is one of these scientifically unexplained areas . After all, only we ourselves can know what happens in our minds - and in particularly in our sub-conscious minds. No one else can prove it right or wrong - thereby circumventing the scientific method of independent verification."

     In this book, two dozen ordinary people share stories about their extraordinary experiences. It will leave you amazed - and wondering!

Available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and India

Emily And The Ransom

    A successful businessman is kidnapped. The kidnappers leave no trail. Months pass without the police having a lead.

     Emily, a precocious 18-year old girl who has a volunteer job at the police station where her dad is a detective, gets involved in the investigation. In the cruel atmosphere of a cat-and-mouse game, Emily tries to piece together a picture of the kidnappers and where they might be hiding. Before long, she is deeper involved than she ever thought possible.

     Emily learns about the psychology of kidnapping and terrorism, and during phone contacts between the victim's wife and the kidnappers' leader, information is revealed that with Emily's analyses lead the police to identify him. Yet, he remains elusive and everyone's patience is tested to the limit.

     The story intensifies when Emily has to make a life-and-death gamble during the chilling negotiations about the ransom, and it comes to a climax when she uses herself as a bait to nab the kidnapper. 

Available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and India

SBN-0-595-25792-5 -  Paperback - also available in Hard Cover

Currently being considered for a film manuscript!

Reader's comment:

"A tremendously talented writer."  M. Dudek, Pennsylvania

Emily & The Arabic LetterISBN:  0-595-17399-3   Paperback

​     While Emily, a 16-year old teenager, has a summer job at the police station where her dad is a detective, a close friend of the family is murdered. As Emily starts asking questions about the case, her dad supplies her with information from the investigation.

     Emily starts making her own conclusions. Despite her convincing logic, her dad rejects her conclusions and she knows she needs harder evidence. While digging through the police computers, she stumbles over the evidence she needs.

     The story intensifies when the killer realizes he has been identified, and Emily brings herself in a dangerous situation in search of the final clue.

     Besides the plot itself, this is a story about Emily's personal development and growing independence when exposed to challenges.




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