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NEW RELEASE (Jan 2021)

Brain scn ALZ.png

Brain scanning of an Alzheimer's patient

This book is also available in Danish -  Titel:  Demenshåndbogen.

ISBN: 9788743027713 - and can be ordered from BoD:

Dementia is an incurable and irreversible disease that develops slowly until it manifests itself decades later. If you get it, there is no way back. It can be debilitating and impact all aspect of your life.
The Dementia Handbook is about knowledge - knowledge about what people can do to minimize the risk of getting the disease and perhaps avoid it entirely - or, if you already have it, knowledge about what you can do to get the best out of life as the disease develops.
The Handbook covers a wide variety of issues in a down-to-Earth, practical way. The articles are based upon the latest scientific and medical information presented in a way that a layperson can understand.


Every person from about the age of 50, regardless of health, should acquire the knowledge this book offers.


New angles on Dementia is available from Amazon - ISBN: 9798559006444  - AMAZON

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