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Currently being considered for a film manuscript.

In Emily And The Ransom . . .
    a successful businessman is kidnapped. The kidnappers leave no trail. Months pass without the police having a lead.
     Emily, a precocious 18-year old girl who has a volunteer job at the police station where her dad is a detective, gets involved in the investigation. In the cruel atmosphere of a cat-and-mouse game, Emily tries to piece together a picture of the kidnappers and where they might be hiding. Before long, she is deeper involved than she ever thought possible.
     Emily learns about the psychology of kidnapping and terrorism, and during phone contacts between the victim's wife and the kidnappers' leader, information is revealed that with Emily's analyses lead the police to identify him. Yet, he remains elusive and everyone's patience is tested to the limit.
     The story intensifies when Emily has to make a life-and-death gamble during the chilling negotiations about the ransom, and it comes to a climax when she uses herself as a bait to nab the kidnapper.

ISBN-0-595-25792-5 -  Paperback - also available in Hard Cover

Available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and India

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