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After a two-decades international exec career in biotech, I started my consulting activities in 1991 within high-tech start-up companies. In all my activities, I strive to fulfill my ambition of kaizen . . . the principle of never-ending improvement.


Today, my focus is on

- identifying new solutions to intractable social problems by using a new platform for dialog, in particular by . . .

- starting a Youth Parliament in the U.S. and in Denmark to engage young people in the decision making process about issues that matter to them


Both areas are dealt with within the framework of

(1) the Global IdeaFactory, and

(2) FireStarters 🔥

If you contact me here, I will be happy to send more information about any one of these issues. I will be delighted to hear from you if you would consider playing a role (incl. advisory) in any one of these activities.


Besides the two organizations above, my current partners include:

Demensliv (Denmark) - about issues related to dementia/Alzheimer's disease

Memory Cafe Directory is a global collection of dementia-friendly events called Memory Cafes.  They take place both locally in various communities around the world as well as online for a comfortable virtual experience from anywhere.


Dementia Map is a global resource directory for the dementia community. With resources in 150 different categories, an upcoming events calendar, a glossary, and a blog, there is a wealth of information both for family care partners as well as the medical and professional community.

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