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ISBN:   Available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and India

Ordinary People - Extraordinary Experiences  - Second Edition
Co-authored with Nelson Abreu


Excerpt from the introduction: 

     "In a time dominated by scientific discoveries and a deeper and deeper understanding of nature, from the sub-atomic level to the cosmos, the realm of the consciousness is one of the last – and least understood – frontiers. As we are enjoying the fruits of astonishing technological inventions in the last decades, we have become so attuned to the idea that science can explain everything. In turn we tend to think that phenomena which cannot be explained by science or through common sense, simply are not real. 

     Our consciousness is one of these scientifically unexplained areas . After all, only we ourselves can know what happens in our minds - and in particularly in our sub-conscious minds. No one else can prove it right or wrong - thereby circumventing the scientific method of independent verification."

     In this book, two dozen ordinary people share stories about their extraordinary experiences. It will leave you amazed - and wondering!

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