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Partners & Projects

We believe the solutions to today's intractable problems can best (perhaps only) be achieved when you work with like-minded partners. Therefore, our network includes organizations and professionals in more than 20 countries.


Oh, before you read on . . . if you don't know Mustapha - the sage with the camel - you should meet him here.


Now, we focus on three areas:


Partners include:

- SetaTech Global - (Miami) focusing on ecological solutions for agriculture, home gardening and oil remediation

- FireStarters - (Denmark) focusing international projects/creative solutions & innovations

- MAPIA - (Denmark) Demensliv - focusing on assisting people with dementia/Alzheimer's through education and services that improve the lives of patients and their families



Projects are:

- Youth Parliament in the U.S. and in Denmark to engage young people (who cannot yet vote) in the decision making process about issues that matter to them; cf. The Idea Factory


Partners include: 

- Kay Management - (Kenya) improving health, safety, and literacy of girls/women in  Kenya (and beyond)

- Start A Library Trust - (Kenya) -building libraries in Kenya and elsewhere - expanding beyond the 250 built in recent years

- Nordic Bildung - (Denmark) educating/informing the general public through a novel form of conversation/dialogue that builds trust and achieve consensus about issues that impact our common future; this happens in collaboration with Global Bildung Network and with the Bildung  Academy, Holland


Ask us if you want to know more about these partners/projects or if you want us to introduce you to the players . . .  Even more so, we would be delighted if you might consider playing a role in any one of these activities/projects - at any level, incl. advisory capacity.

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