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    This book discusses and explains the many issues facing young girls as they are heading towards puberty - issues like the development of the body, friendship, self-esteem, health, hygiene, menstruation, sexuality, rights and freedom, and more. The subjects are discussed and dealt with in an age-appropriate language and manner.
   The Author is co-written with a Kenyan high school teacher with three pre-teen girls. The personal, engaging, and often humorous style speaks directly to the reader. Charming illustrations add to the lighthearted tone.
   The book is unique in the sense that is leaves room for note-taking, observations, thoughts, and the beginning of journaling. It also has a Q&A section that serves as an invitation to connect with the author, who already mentors many children in the school system.
   An extensive vocabulary serves as a factual backup of terminologies that are not always familiar to a young girl.
   Many adults are not prepared for or even comfortable with discussing issues like those dealt with in this book, so it serves as a valuable dialogue tool for adults who may say to their child: ‘Read this and let’s discuss it afterwards.”
  . . . and many have expressed that they wish they had had the information in this book when they were 9-12 years old.

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