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ISBN: 9781093530483

Available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and India

 SNIPS  follows the tumultuous life of Christopher Dunmore from his youth to his rise as the world’s most visible scientist. Brilliant, charming, and handsome, Christopher wins many friends and admirers but his hard-nosed and sometimes obnoxious ways when he faces obstacles earn him equally many enemies.
     At the pinnacle of his career, Christopher makes a discovery that ignites the age-old conflict between science and religion. It shakes not only himself but his family, colleagues, the media, and most of all his benefactors . . . and his career goes into a tailspin.
     Christopher is forced to make a gut wrenching choice between recanting his findings and saving his career and personal life or stick to his discovery - and lose it all.
     After a time alone and bitter, Christopher bounces back in ways that surprises even himself. He is thrilled when his youngest daughter, herself now a top scientist, announces her visit.
     Before a budding collaboration between father and daughter even starts, fate interferes in a heartbreaking yet uplifting way.


“World class writing.”    T. Hoyen, Karlsruhe, Germany

"It would be a riveting movie!" V. Monet, Los Angeles, California

“Sinclair Lewis’s Arrowsmith comes to mind. It's that good!”   H. Duncan, Miami, Florida


"Thank you! It was a very poignant story. There were revealing microcosms of the American culture we live in where the divide between science and belief seems nearly too wide to bridge. I enjoyed SNIPS thoroughly!"  J. Halalis, Phoenix, AZ

"Issues like class divides, religion and science, roles between men and women, and sexuality, make SNIPS a portrait of not just a scientist but of a man and a whole generation. Awesome!"  L. Mott, Aarhus, Denmark

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