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NEW RELEASE (Dec. 2020)

Dec 2020

The Candidate


A high-profile, young woman is murdered. Despite evidence from eyewitnesses, DNA tests, and the retrieval of the murder weapon, the police is without a lead in the case for most of a year - until a completely unexpected observation is made.

That starts an accelerating cat-and-mouse game that takes place in both the real world and in the digital world, and it culminates when the murderer is trapped in a digital cobweb.

ISBN: 9798674229650

Available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and India

What readers say:

A quick read with a surprising, inspiring twist, and characters I cared about knowing. I really enjoyed it.  - J. Hahalis, Phoenix

I enjoyed the book!   The action really picks up.   Then the mystery builds, I get to know Emily and Tyler (favorite characters), plot twists, and the technology blows your mind.  Nice work. - K. Heinrich, Colorado

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