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"An audacious undertaking.  Brilliant." J. Manning - Miami

"An impressive book." Prof. Hans Küng - Tübingen, Germany

"Wish I had known about these issues when I was younger." J. Hahalis - Phoenix

The Eyes of The Sphinx    -   Second Edition

     What would Mohammad and Jesus have said to one another if they had ever met? Or Jesus and Buddha? Or Confucius and Mahavira?
     To what extent would they had agreed on issues like death, after life, immortality and eternity, creation, and the Free Spirit? Would thay have discovered that there were more similarities between their individual philosophies than there are differences? Would they have modified their views if challenged by the others?
     Facts blends with fiction in this audacious journey into the minds of five of the world's greatest thinkers. The reader feels like sitting in on these profound, educational, and often humorous discussions.
     Set in the majestic Monte Cassino monastery in modern Italy, a woman acts as a catalyst for these discussions - which are as relevant today as ever.


Available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and India

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