The Dementia Handbook is a collection of easy-to-read articles based on hundreds of scientific articles and reports on the disease and a life with dementia.

Given that dementia is an incurable and irreversible disease starting as early as late 40s/early 50s, a person doesn’t know if the disease is developing until he/she gets the diagnosis decades later. At that time, there’s little that can be done about it!

However, a number of lifestyle factors can delay the onset or perhaps eliminate the risk of getting dementia entirely, and the book empowers the reader with the knowledge to improve the odds of not getting the disease, or, in case he/she gets it or already has it, get the best possible quality of life in the given circumstances.

The book does not offer specific medical advice but provides practical information on topics ranging from exercise, diet, and sleep to senses, sex, and intimacy. These articles can be read independently of each other.

NEW RELEASE: January 2021

Dementia Handbook - Knowledge is power!


- Dementia is the third leading cause of death in the Western world and the primary cause of people’s loss of independence.

- One in six women and one in ten men over the age of 50 will get dementia in the next two decades - and there are more than 40 million people in that age group in the U.S. today.

- 5.5 million people already have dementia and 20-25 million family members are directly affected on a daily basis. These numbers are expected to double by 2040.


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