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HANDBOOK FOR PRE-TEEN GIRLS  discusses and explains the many issues facing young girls as they are heading towards puberty - issues like the development of the body, friendship, self-esteem, health, hygiene, menstruation, sexuality, rights and freedom, and more.

The subjects are discussed and dealt with in an age-appropriate language and manner.
The book is co-written with a middle- and high school teacher in Kenya (hence her name on the cover).  An extensive vocabulary serves as a factual backup of terminologies that are not always familiar to a young girl.

Many adult women have expressed that they wish they had had the information in this book when they were 9-12 years old. 

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NEW ANGLES ON DEMENTIA is based on hundreds of scientific articles and reports on the disease and a life with dementia. 

The key message is that (a) the disease starts around age 50; (b) a person doesn’t know if the disease is developing until he/she gets the diagnosis; (c) at that time - given it is incurable and irreversible - it’s too late to do much about it!

 However, a number of lifestyle factors can delay or perhaps eliminate the risk of getting dementia, and the book empowers the reader with the knowledge to accomplish that or, if the person gets the disease or already has it, to at least get the best possible quality of life under the given circumstances. 

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This book also exists in Danish! 

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ORDINARY PEOPLE, EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES offers the reader a glimpse into a number of extraordinary experiences of the altered states of consciousness of ordinary people. Each group of experiences is prefaced by an introduction to the most recent understanding of our mind, and explanatory comments are made about each one of them. The book will help demystify experiences that are foreign to most people in the modern word despite the fact we all have several of them (unnoticed) - all the time!

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All the books are available in U.S., Canada, EU, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and India

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