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What am I doing NOW?

Things change all the time; priorities change all the time; sometimes time forces changes upon you. It's like it's always NOW . . . around the clock. 
So, what am 
I doing now - today, this week, or this month?

Here's a snapshot:

* I work on republishing my novels, adding eBook-versions of those books that are not yet in that format, setting new prices - and considering contracting with an agency

* I'm evaluating 2-3 new book ideas

* I'm drafting a business plan for a clean water project in Kenya

* I'm setting up new priorities for 2024 for Kay Management in Kenya

* I'm giving input to a new, non-fiction book by a Danish author


. . . but I always 

* keep 20% of my time open for new ideas.

Last but not least, I balance

* Work (in a 5 AM to 10 PM window) with staying connected with friends, family, and associates around the world, reading, and spending 10-12 hours per week exercising and engaging in sport.

For more details, go to . . . 


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